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Bloom's concept art and appearance in the game.

"Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

BLOOM loves flowers,

And she wants to meet you!"

Bloom is the most important character of Amazing World. She is the boss of Spring Bay and local gardener. Bloom is a non-member character and the first one to be unlocked.

Newz Blog Description[]

With her sunny personality and cheerful smile, Bloom is always ready and excited to greet every newcomer to the Spring Zone.

As the Spring Zone’s caretaker, she takes her job seriously and wants nothing more than to make sure the Spring Zone is a fun place to live.  Bloom is always working on new ways to make the Spring Zone even more amazing for everyone.

When her duties don’t have her running about, Bloom loves to relax in the company of nature, work on her gardens or collect rare flowers.

No matter what, she always has time for YOU!  So come to Amazing World and make a new friend!


Bloom is met at the beginning of the game, aboard the (now destroyed) new ship, destined to go to Spring Bay. It is not clear/known if she's the captain of the ship. She, the player, and many other zings aboard the ship meet Queen Vexa, who wants to conquer Spring Bay. Upon the destruction of the ship, Bloom gives the player their home zone, whom also holds a yard made by Bloom.

Upon arriving at Spring Bay, Bloom immediatly notices that her garden is ruined by the work of the Nix. She gives the player eight gardening challenges while returning her garden back to normal. Bloom and the player face many distractions while going through the eight challenges, such as the ("slightly crazy") chefs Cannoli and Gelato fighting, Draper messing with Busky and Nibs, the Nix themselves, etc etc.

When all eight challenges are passed, Bloom gives the player the yard in their home zone. Afterwards, she is open for prize quests.