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Cannoli's concept art and appearance in the game.

Newz Blog Description

Take a handful of perfectionist, add a touch of fussy and then just a pinch of jolly, what do you get?

Cannoli!  A deliciously zany Zing!
Cannoli is top chef around the Spring Zone and he intends to keep it that way!
He is a connoisseur of delicious hot foods, warming the hearts of all the Zings in theSpring Zone.  Recently however, Gelato and his frozen treats have moved into the Spring Zone and Cannoli is not one bit happy!  The competition is stiff and Cannoli has his work cut out for him.

While the race to be number one chef is heating up, Cannoli is certain he has the passion and flare it takes to impress!
With a joyous smile and the pride of a perfectionist, he’ll be aiming to make YOU his new number one customer!  So come on over to Amazing World and meet Cannoli – he’s always cookin’ up something special!