Cosmo- Cosmo is a koala Zing. He is a research scientist whose spaceship crashed onto Amazing World. He invented many futuristic things, including his pet, "Drone". He is in the Picnic Grounds.

Twinkle- Twinkle is a squirrel Zing who has a great voice, and is very picky and exact about what things she wants and doesn't want. She lives in Sparkle Hills.

Howl- Howl is a dog Zing, a comedian, and actor who always tells jokes and sells a variety of stage props for zings to enjoy. His stage is in Neighborly Lanes.

Busky- Busky is a monkey Zing who quite enjoys music and instruments, and enjoys tutoring zings who have a taste for music. She is on the Boardwalk.

Bloom- Bloom is a hamster Zing with a green thumb who enjoys gardening. She is very friendly to everyone she meets. She lives in Circle Square.

Karma- Karma is a chameleon Zing who is in charge of the Prize Wheel in Spring Bay. He likes to give out prizes, coins, experience points, or items on the wheel. His wheel prizes change monthly depending on the events/activities/holidays in real life. He is in Circle Square by his Prize Wheel.

Cannoli- Cannoli is a lion Zing who is a chef, who is famous for his Spaghetti and other dishes. He and Gelato are always in a feud between who can make the best food. He is in Circle Square.

Talia- Talia is a swan Zing, a princess who comes from Amazing Isle, which could possibly be a island off of Amazing World. She wants to trap Queen Vexa in her tower, which is enchanted and is a playable mini game for a search to find "enchanted items". She is in Big Fields Forever.

Rune- Rune is a zebra Zing. She is an archaeologist who wants to find legendary treasure. If you complete her quest line, you can use a shovel to dig for legendary treasure, and give it to Rune in offer for cool prizes. She lives in Big Fields Forever.

Brick- Brick is a penguin Zing. he is a carpenter who recently moved to Spring Bay because of his grumpy sister. If you finish his quest line, you can buy new houses for your home zone, like a Castle, a Hilltop Home (default), and a Space Station. He is in Artist Alley.

Nibs- Nibs is a raccoon Zing. She is an artist with an attitude, can be lazy and demanding and mean at times, but does have a softer side. She sells artist themed furniture in her shop. She is in Artist Alley.

Draper- Draper is a designer whose house got destroyed by the Nix and Queen Vexa. She can be demanding, but nice. If you complete her Quest Line she will give you her yard in your home zone. She lives in Neighborly Lanes.

Sinker & Bobbin- Sinker is a puffin Zing. Bobbin is a moose Zing. They are fishermen, and have the shortest Quest Line (only five quests). Sinker is a boy, and Bobbin is a girl. They are in the Playground/Boardwalk.

Gelato- Gelato is a walrus Zing who sells cold treats. He's always in a feud with Cannoli to see who is the best chef. He can tend to get nervous while Bloom is around, but is very nice. He is in the Playground.

Yepi- Yepi is an alien Zing who needs your help to get back home. He has a pet drone known as "Annoying". After you complete his Quest Line, you can do daily quests to retrieve his spaceship's fuel cells from the Nix. After completing a daily quest, you will receive a Mini Spaceship (a Super Snack).

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