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Draper's concept art and appearence in-game.

Draper is the local designer of Spring Bay. She is a member-exclusive character, unlocked at level 20. She gives the player a yard.

Newz Blog Description[]

With an unmatched eye for detail and creativity to spare, there is no surprise Draper is highly regarded by many as the best designer around!

Great design has always come so naturally to Draper that she could never understand how others lacked her vision.  This has made finding an assistant who could keep up with her a troublesome endeavor.

Being a very self-motivated Zing, she often follows her creative whims and redesigns whatever she sees fit without getting permission, only later realizing that her actions have consequences.

Draper believes she knows what looks best and that might be true, but she has a lot to learn about good manners!

Even still, when you need a designer to help with your style, there is no one better! Get to know Draper and she just might share some of her designer secrets with you in Amazing World!


Draper is unlocked at level 20. She mentions how she knows the player lives near her yard, and offers them said yard, along with making the player a designer. However, in order to get the yard, the player must help her redesign her house. She teaches how to create garden statues, garden vines, sprite light lamps, design patterns, etc etc.

After all that, she asks the player to design a new door, a new roof and a window. After the player tells Brick to help them, the house is done. But before Draper gives the player the new yard, they must pain the walls first. Afterwards, the yard is unlocked.