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Fish are a great way to earn money on Amazing World. They can be caught in shallow ponds, lakes, or rivers, then either sold or kept.

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Fishing Rods

There are three fishing rods in Amazing World, all of which can be purchased at Bobbin and Sinker's shop at the Playground. The lesser of all three, the Common Caster, can be obtained for free through Sinker's quest line.

Common Caster

The Common Caster doesn't have much pull per click and makes it very hard to catch rare fish. However, it's great for beginners pondering over the investment of a Master Caster. It costs 500 regular coins if you decide to skip the quests and buy it.

Cool Caster

The Cool Caster is a mediocre rod with mediocre power, but it's quite a step up from the Common Caster. Since the Master Caster is only 2000 more coins, it might be better to skip this rod. In case you want it, though, the Cool Caster bears the low price of 1200 coins.

Master Caster

The Master Caster is the best rod in terms of power. It may be a steep price if you are lacking money, but it is definitely worth it since due to it being a one-time purchase. It costs 3200 coins at Sinker's shop.

Casting Your Line

To start fishing, find a spot with shallow water and equip the rod of your choice. You may cast your line anywhere you see the bobber icon in place of your cursor. When the bobber thrashes about, you've got a bite -- hurry and click it! You'll be brought to a screen where you must repeatedly tap the "Reel" button. Click it as fast as you can until you either get the command "Wait", or until you get the "Catch" option. The less time you have to catch the fish, the rarer it is. (It seems like 7 seconds = Common, 6 seconds = Rare, 4 seconds = Legendary, and 3 seconds = Mythical.)

This Is Your First One.PNG

Rarity, Value, and Locations of All the Fish

The fish in Amazing World can be found anywhere, however there are some places where some fish are more commonly found than places.

Every fish gives you 7 skill points.

Fish Names Rarity Value Location
Giggle Fish Common 10 AW coins Home Zone
Bog Bouncer Common 10 AW coins
Smug Snapper Common 10 AW coins
Pungent Leaper Common 10 AW coins Home Zone
Sunny Ray Common 10 AW coins
Moon Ray Common 10 AW coins
Hammer Tooth Common 10 AW coins
Mango-lope Common 10 AW coins
Taco Fish Rare 40 AW coins Home Zone
Stick Fish Rare 40 AW coins
Big Chooba Rare 40 AW coins
Sprite Chaser Rare 40 AW coins Near Bobbin & Sinker
P.B. Jelly Fish Rare 40 AW coins Home Zone & Bridge by Circle Square
Macho Fish Rare 40 AW coins Bridge by Circle Square
Gold and Silver Salmon Rare 40 AW coins
Omega Mega Guppy Legendary 80 AW coins River
Dolphicorn Legendary 80 AW coins River
Skeletuna Legendary 80 AW coins Wetlands
Princess Ruby Fish Mythical 200 AW coins Lake
Golden Shark of Destiny Mythical 200 AW coins Lake
Steve Mythical 200 AW coins River

Aquariums and Tanks

Tanks provide your Zing with a way to showcase their loveliest fish! The Aquarium and Basic Fish Tank both cost 700 coins and hold one fish, while the Starfish Bowl holds three fish and costs 2500 coins, and the Amazing Aquarium can be crafted using 4 glue, 8 water, 4 rocks, and 2 light rays. It holds five fish.

Amazing World Aquarium.PNG

Once you buy a home for your aquatic animals, you can place it indoors. Find the right spot for it, then exit the home editor. Click on the aquarium, then drag the fish of your choice from the furniture tab on the bottom tray into the tank. Click "Done" at the top, and enjoy your new display!

Fishing Rewards when you collect all six of the catch of the day fish you get the Tilted Aquarium and if you collect all five of the dare to be rare fish you get the Barnacle Aquarium (both are large tanks) and if you find three rare fish which includes Steve you get the Tri-Umphant Fishbowl which is a smaller tank.

Known Glitches/Bugs

Currently there is a bug where the fish popup always displays "This is Your First One!" under the fish's profile. It is not game-breaking in any way, shape, or form.