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Twinkle is the (former?) pop-star of Spring Bay. She is a members-only character unlocked at level 18.

Newz Blog Description[]

As a former pop star, Twinkle’s voice is recognized all across the Spring Zone! Perhaps the only thing that rivals her fame is her ego!  Having enjoyed a pampered life, she is used to living in the spotlight.

Twinkle chooses to live in the Spring Zone not because she works at the amphitheatre down the road from her home, but because it’s a desirable location.  Her luxurious home makes her the envy of many Zings.

Twinkle often behaves like a spoiled diva and spares no expense to keep up her lavish lifestyle and image.  While she demands the attention and adoration of others, she treats everyone as second class citizens.

You can meet Spring Zone’s resident celebrity pop star in Amazing World today, just don’t expect to get a free show or an autograph!


Twinkle is unlocked at level 18. When first met, she will think the player wants an autograph. According to her, her EX-publicist left a bunch of autographed 8x10s lying around Spring Bay. Afterwards, she tells the player to go to Bloom because 'they're annoying her'. However, it is only because she's upset - the Nix messed up Sparkle Hill. Once the player come back, she asks them if they could fix her favorite picture, which she let it drop.

Once the player does a few requests, Twinkle claims them to be the "President" of her fan club, along with chauffeur, gopher, and chef. The player is then in charge of publishing Twinkle's autobiography. Her memoirs don't sell well, so she gets very upset, and Cannoli tries to help (it doesn't work). Twinkle is still upset, so Gelato attempts as well. Working, Twinkle decides to keep it as a secret that she likes both of the two chefs' work.

Still feeling upset, she asks the player to talk to Draper so she can work on a new dress for Twinkle. Loving Draper's idea, Twinkle decides to throw a party, with her hopes up, thinking that her party will be a success. Twinkle asks Bloom to make up flower decorations and Cannoli to cook. Howl hands out the invitations with balloons, but they fall down. Twinkle, slightly disappointed, announces that her party will be her 'big comeback'.

However, nobody comes to her party. Twinkle says that everyone has indeed forgotten about her and takes down the decorations. Cannoli, yet again, tries to cheer her up, but to no avail. Twinkle confesses that she wanted the party to be just for her and the player. Still being full of herself, she lets the player pick an 8x10 photo of her.

Items that can be purchased from her shop[]

*Gold Runway shoes

*Diamond Daffodils

*Pop Star Stage (Level 20 in singing)